A shining sink

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A few years ago, I was feeling overwhelmed by too many things to do around the house, combined with work, and everything else going on.  (I look back on that now thinking, “Just wait until you throw a toddler into that mix!”).  Currently, while I’m unemployed and looking for work, you’d think I would have time for all those things you never seem to get to, but that’s far from true.  Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming, and I seem to get side-tracked.  I’ll start to unload the dishwasher, then stop to check email, find my son’s lost toy, move laundry to the dryer, and then I run back through the kitchen and bang my leg on the open, still-partially-emptied dishwasher.

I might “multitask” but sometimes I lose focus!

So, last night after dinner was done and I was cleaning up my sink, I thought of the The Fly Lady.  Years ago when I stumbled upon her site, I loved her simple idea of “keeping your sink shining”.  You can read about it here at this link.  It’s a simple thing, but very true.  There are so many evenings when we are done with dinner and I want to just leave the dishes there and walk away, but then I remember that a simple 5 minute routine will make a huge difference the next morning when I wake up.  So, on most nights (yep, I know, I’m not perfect here), I try to “keep my sink shining” so that the next day I am off to a good start.

It’s tough sometimes, since we don’t really follow that “I cooked so you clean” mentality here.  Usually after dinner my husband will help to rinse his dish off and such, but then my son will drag him off to play, which is more important (and helpful) to me than having another person rinsing dishes.  So there are nights when it doesn’t sound “fun” to clean up.  Last night I was so tired so I used the time for the coffee to brew and told myself that once it was done brewing, the kitchen would be clean!  And ta-da!  It was.

So, I urge you to check out her site… she’s a smart cookie.  She has lots of free tips, checklists, etc.  (I do love checklists!!… did I just admit that??) that help in everyday life.

Now, as for food (my favorite topic)… last night the Turkey Tomato Strata was fantastic!  I think it was just as great as the beef, and the reduced fat cheese was terrific on it as well.

Tonight I hope to make this new soup recipe for my husband.  He’s watching my son while the “girls” head out to the Sex and the City 2 Movie.  So, we’ll have 2 nights of soup before the weekend.  Will post that soon!


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  1. Barbie Says:

    I love reading your blog, and I am so happy to read this one!! Honest, it is nice to hear that I am not the only mom to lose focus!!
    Have a great day and enjoy your movie!!

  2. Grateful Twin Mom Says:

    I love a shining sink. I simply cannot leave the kitchen messy no matter how much I want do. But then again, I don’t cook every night. Thanks for this awesome post, Margo. I checked out The Fly Lady too. Cool

  3. Alisa Says:

    What a wonderful post! I also have realized that when my sink is shining when I wake up, my day seems so much better.

  4. avarie Says:

    I am a HUGE proponent of the shining sink. The last thing I wanna see in the morning when I’m fumbling for coffee water is dirty dishes! I do, however have the loss of focus you speak of… paperwork seems to be the culprit…well that and 4 kids… lol.

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