Perfect Buttercream Frosting

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Today is my daughter’s 3rd birthday.  I’m not exactly sure how that happened, I swear she was born like a week ago.  But suddenly here she is, no longer a baby and not even much of a toddler anymore.  Suddenly we have a little girl. 


She requested a “Frozen” birthday party after the ever-so-popular Disney movie.  I jumped at the chance, given I’m a huge Disney nut myself.  We hired princesses from the movie to come to the party, and happily had a home full of squealing little girls. 

I told myself I didn’t want to cook (I usually spend the whole party in the kitchen), so most of the food was from Costco, or simple finger food.  However, I am not a fan of store-bought frosting.. not the stuff that’s in a container nor the almost-crunchy stuff they put on cakes that they prepare there.  So, I made a box of Funfetti cupcakes, and frosted them with what I consider to be the Perfect Buttercream Frosting.

For those of you that know me, you know I don’t bake.  Or, at least not well.  However, I’ve made this 3 times now and it comes out perfect every time.  For Frozen inspired frosting, I added some blue food coloring and the a few drops of purple food coloring as well.  I made 2 boxes of cupcake mix, and in turn doubled this recipe and had exactly enough.

Frozen Cupcakes

Perfect Buttercream Frosting

2 sticks unsalted butter, room temperature
1 stick salted butter, room temperature
1 package white chocolate instant pudding mix
1/2-3/4 cup heavy cream (depending on how thick you want your frosting)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 c powdered sugar

In a stand mixer set on medium speed (or with a hand mixer), beat the butter until smooth and silky.

Turn the speed to low and add the pudding mix. When it is all incorporated, slowly add the cream, a little at a time. When fully incorporated bring speed up to high and beat for 5-7 minutes. This process beats out any grittiness of the pudding mix and helps dissolve it.

Turn speed back down to low and add powdered sugar, tasting for sweetness along the way. When it has the desired sweetness, beat again at high speed for  5 minutes to break down any graininess that you might get from the powdered sugar.  Add the vanilla and bring back to low speed and beat for a while to remove any air bubbles.


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  1. Sue Says:

    Well now I’m going to have to try this. I love my butter cream which is butter, shortning, powdered sugar, vanilla and a little milk. You have me intrigued! Must bake a cake this weekend…LOL

  2. Margo Says:

    I think you’ll love it Sue! Let me know what you think!

  3. aish Says:

    I was wondering what icing tip you used for the cupcakes? They look good

  4. Margo Says:

    I believe it was an “open star” tip. I’m not sure what size but in the diagram it reminded me of #14–bags/_prod_/-wilton-icing-tip-open-star

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