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Ultimate Reset – Day 14

Wow… 2 weeks in to this journey.  I can’t believe it.  I’ve made great strides and I’m determined to keep these good habits after the 3 weeks is over.  Today I take my 2 week progress pictures.  I’ll be posting these at the end.  It’s really proof that I’m not just getting rid of “water […]

Ultimate Reset – Day 13

Beets.  The only memory I had of them is when my parents would pull them out of a jar, all pickled and pink.. and … gross… to a young kid anyway.  Nowadays I think I might be willing to try even the pickled ones again… maybe. I have never bought a beet in the grocery […]

Ultimate Reset – Day 12

I know, I’m posting this a day late.   You think that I cheated don’t you?  Nope!  Today is day 14, and I’d usually post day 13… but I was traveling for work yesterday.  I even traveled with my jug of water, and both breakfast and lunch.  I munched on my fruit bowl as I drove.  […]

Ultimate Reset – Day 11

So, Day 11.  That means I’m half way through this journey.  Both my husband and I have been remarking how much better we feel.  We plan on continuing to make most of the recipes that we’ve tried (ok, other than swiss chard… that was my first, and last, steamed swiss chard experience.. buy hey, no one […]

Ultimate Reset – Day 10

Well I think I picked a good time of year to do the Ultimate Reset.  It’s fall… and fall is great for soup.  What I like about these soup recipes is that they’re simple, and they have very few ingredients. I do also make my own hot sauce.  A friend of mine at work taught […]

Ultimate Reset – Day 9

So, there are several questions I’ve been asked about the Ultimate Reset so far.  I figured I could address them all here. First, isn’t it hard to not eat meat & dairy?  My answer is … not really.  If I wasn’t adding some meat items to the menu for the kids, I don’t think I’d […]

Ultimate Reset – Day 8

“Things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling” – Fabienne Fredrickson I thought that was a great quote for the day.  I feel so passionate about the health of my family, and I feel so motivated by the Ultimate Reset now that I’m heading towards my half-way point.  That’s really why […]

Ultimate Reset – Day 7

Isn’t it funny, that this is supposed to be so “hard”.. but I’m already dreading when it’s going to be over?  So far this journey has been really great for me.  I feel like I have more energy in the day.  I have spent more quality time with my kids, and my husband, and feel […]

Ultimate Reset – Day 6

Day 6 of the Ultimate Reset and… today I just have to talk about food.  This soup I made for dinner tonight (and lunch tomorrow) was AMAZING.  My husband raved about it and even the kids liked it.  It seemed creamy, but there’s no cream in it.  The creaminess comes from the cashews.. who knew?!  […]

Ultimate Reset – Day 5

I have been trying to be very aware of how I feel on the Ultimate Reset so far.  So, I’m glad I have this blog to sort of write it all down. First, day 3 was the only tough one.. I was really tired.  After day 3 I started getting a ton of energy… real […]