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Perfect Buttercream Frosting

Today is my daughter’s 3rd birthday.  I’m not exactly sure how that happened, I swear she was born like a week ago.  But suddenly here she is, no longer a baby and not even much of a toddler anymore.  Suddenly we have a little girl.  She requested a “Frozen” birthday party after the ever-so-popular Disney […]

Spanish Chicken with Chorizo and Potatoes

You know you’ve found a good recipe when you reheat leftovers at work and you overhear your coworkers saying “What smells so good?”.   They even asked where I bought my lunch, since it seemed they wanted some as well.   “Margo’s Kitchen” wasn’t nearly as witty to them as it was to me, but it was […]

Copycat Chicken Chow Mein

Ok I admit it, I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict.  I must say, however, in my defense.. I do actually make a lot of the recipes that I pin.  I even have tried out multiple cleaning “tips”, and used inspiration to make things for my kids’ birthday parties. So, when I found this recipe […]

Birds’ Nests

I love to find something SIMPLE that I can do with both kids.  Often I’ve tried to make something complicated and you lose their attention about 5 minutes into the process, and you’re then stuck both cooking and cleaning up.  This is something my Mom used to make with me, and I just topped them […]

Sausage Bread Brunch Sandwich

On Christmas Eve morning, I wanted to make a special treat for brunch at home for the family.  The bread took only minutes to throw together, and the end result… decadent!  I couldn’t find any decent green asparagus at our store, so I tried out the white kind.  Personally, I think next time I’d go […]

Egg Nog Coffee Cake

On Thanksgiving morning, while my mother in law and I were starting to cook, while having our coffee, I wanted to have something nice for breakfast.  However, with all of the work that goes into Thanksgiving, I wanted something easy.  This recipe fit the bill.  It was festive (Hello Egg Nog!), simple, delicious, and went […]

Homemade Pancakes

I’m in the computer room/office… and I’m typing quickly.  They will find me … soon.  Funny how Mom can’t sneak away without, as my husband calls it, the Mommy Train following close behind.  I remind myself to cherish these moments though.  Soon these munchkins will be grown up and want much less to do with […]

Ravioli with Arugula and Pecorino

Yes, it’s me again. I haven’t blogged in what seems like ages. For those of you checking in, sorry about that! I’ve been busy cooking as always, and juggling work and family as well. I made this recipe from Eating Well and the whole family enjoyed it. It was different than most pasta recipes. The […]

Cherry Tomato Caprese Salad

Today I dropped my “little man” off at his first day of summer camp.  It’s held at the school where he went to preschool and will attend kindergarten, so the surroundings are familiar.  But I still wanted to be the one to drop him off in order to meet his camp counselors, and get him […]

Shrimp Florentine Pasta

Summer is finally here.  The weather is amazing, and every weekend I can’t wait to get outside with the kids.  This weekend there’s a carnival, tomorrow we might have to hit the beach, and next week we’re going camping.  I love it! Dinners lately need to be quick & easy.. and healthy.  I’m still trying […]